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Elf Bars and the Trademark Infringement Settlement

Elf Bars and the Trademark Infringement Settlement

Shenzhen Weiboli Technology Co. is the name of the parent company who produced Elf Bars as you have known them in our shop.  

Elf Bars has other other products, as you may recognize, that are also produced with the same logo and are, in fact, from the same parent company.  Those are the Lost Mary's and the Funky Republic disposable vapes.

So why has the most successful brand in the market suddenly abandoning their name?!?  The answer is simple...someone already had that name in the "vaping industry"  Vpr Brands owns the trademark name Elf and they sued Weiboli Technology for the similarity of name in the vaping industry.

Vpr is more of a smoke shop company in our opinion.  But this was too similar in the eyes of the U.S. Court.  Elf was used as a smoke shop mobile vaporizer by Vpr

The solution is a name change (as often is the case when two companies are claiming to be the same).  In this case, you will now start seeing the original Elf Bar BC5000 as EBDesign BC5000 with the model number (BC5000) being made much more prominent than the brand name (EBDesign).

The Funky Republic disposables and Lost Marys disposables will largely remain unchanged, as they have already removed that branding from these products.

These newly branded products are already on their way to the states.  So why do we still have the old style?  Simple...because our distributors had loaded up on the remaining models lately so we could as well.  And while there certainly will be moments of inventory shortage for the brand as the switch continues, we have made it our mission to keep as many of your favorite flavors until the new ones actually arrive!

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