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Metro-wide Delivery (order by 4pm for same-day) Curbside Pickup until 10pm
Hello world!...again

Hello world!...again

Patrick Edwin Vandiver here....

My wife Alisha and I are taking over the blog.

 I will be writing daily.

 Hope you read it.

 Tonight we will be at Whispers on Havana doing Karaoke in one of the best establishments for fun inclusive karaoke and drinking I've experienced.

Hope you arrive.

Today we went to the Botanic Gardens and it was so fun.

We met a crew named Ryan, Kelly, Gregory and Josh and they were just inspirational.

We ran into Ryan who we might see again at Okeechobee festival soon.

We went to Grassroots Colorado and met the new head of Vending on the ROAD! What?!? And this guy was the most legit cat I've met in his kindness. Graydon...I enjoyed our interaction!

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Alisha - February 4, 2023

Best Day 🙂

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