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Metro-wide Delivery (order by 8pm for same-day) | Curbside Pickup until 12am
Metro-wide Delivery (order by 8pm for same-day) Curbside Pickup until 12am


Hiya world...


another great day at Quick Clouds! 

Theron started our day out this morning with customers.  But Cody Smith is our latest addition to the Quick Clouds' family.

Cody has been coming here for a few years and is our new Security Manager as part of our team at Quick Clouds.

Cody and Ashley have been our customers for years and have helped grown our business.

Please welcome Cody and Ashley as they protect our business and we build each other into the future.


Went to breakfast with Josh today at Denver Buscuit Co. and met Kevin again(the manager of the restaraunt).  Great dude managing an amazing team of people including Sameera, who is a rockstar Bartender conversationalist who will be writing a book soon.

Met a wonderful customer of theirs with the initials SC that stood out so much.   I hope to be working with this person in the near future on my messed up teeth!


After breakfast Josh showed me Shpongle


had some of our first team members add to their pages!!!  I'm excited to watch this team help you, our customers.   They are the most kind individuals I could find for you. 

They excel in their kindness and compassion and still their work ethic as just customer service people during the day.  But it's their hearts and minds that I've been able to employ for you.  These people are people who have shaped me into me...with the help of myself and my environment and my faith...So I am so excited for you to see their pages as they come on the site!


Had the best interaction with a temporary team member as Matt "the Hat" Wheeler has agreed to join the team to design our first app and help out with the website starting tomorrow!

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