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Open daily 10a - midnight | Delivery 11a - 11p
Try the NEW 3% Disposables

Try the NEW 3% Disposables

Altitude Bars are in stock now with 3%

Have you been looking for a lower nicotine disposable vape?  Most of our customers tend to buy the higher nicotine disposables.  And yet many would like to find a lower nicotine solution.  

We hear you! 

The answer is the new Altitude Bars 3% Disposables!

altitude bars

These disposables have mesh coils, a rechargeable battery and 5280+ puffs (Altitude Bar is a Colorado company).  

And this brand fills a giant hole in the industry of lower nicotine disposables at a more palatable 3% salt nic.

Tons of flavor options combines with EXCELLENT flavor should put this new disposable brand at the top of your list!


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