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Open daily 10a - midnight | Delivery 11a - 11p

We no longer make House's how you can DYI!

Quick Clouds NO LONGER makes House Juice!

We no longer make house juice.  While we look at it fondly, we won't be making it again in the future.  We ask that you will find a suitable substitute for this item.


If you cannot find something we offer in our vast selection of juices, we invite you to make the juice yourself.

We are placing these links and advice here; but we will not offer any further advice, links or suggestions.

Making vape juice should only be done by adults.

Here's the links to places where we previously purchased these items:

Bulk Apothecary -

They sell vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol

You'll want to keep your ratios between 50/50 and 80/20 for VG to PG ratios.


We purchased flavoring from two main vendors. 

The Perfumer's Apprentice has tons of flavors.  Make sure you only purchase flavors that are water soluble. 

Capella's Flavors also has some great flavors.

You should experiment with your own recipes; but generally our recipes consisted of no more than 18% flavoring TOTAL.

These flavors are PG based, meaning you'll want to consider the flavoring as part of your total PG percentage.


We purchased from Nicotine River.




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dennis Klermund - June 30, 2022

I’m mortified! I’m freaking out really, I’m a former menthol smoker and just want a damn mint juice that dosen’t taste like burnt paper or a fruit. I’VE BEEN VAPING YOUR SMOOTH ICE EXCLUSIVELY FOR 10ISH YEARS. The only time I try the other crappy offerings around is when the store in parker where I got it was out. All the other stuff out there makes me cough, and you were the only smart ones left in the game. Now your gone too. Damnit, I really dont want to mix my own, BUT NOW I HAVE TOO.

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