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Stuff that interests me

space & science

Over the past few years I've really enjoyed learning more about space and all the new findings and understandings we've had.

James Webb (the dope telescope with a terrible name)

- why the telescope is amazing...

It is looking into the past...because of how fast light travels, we hope to better understand our universe's beginnings!

It is freaking huge...because it unfolded!

It is really far away, over a million miles away, keeping it out of the earth's shadow.

It pretty much stays put in space due to the gravitational pull of multiple masses!

The nuts cold temperature that the Webb has to operate at is NEGATIVE 448 DEGREES!

The way it got to that insane temperature has moved the needle of science!

The name should definitely be changed....F Homophobia

Quantum Mechanics is wild

Quantum mechanics is simply the study of subatomic things.

But that's where things get crazy; because normal physics laws just don't seem to apply here...the best thing I've found to date on the subject is this!



i love most people.  but i am also fascinated by how it affects our brain

Great article describing music's ability to manipulate emotions!



here are some documentaries i really enjoy...

Terms and Conditions May Apply 2013, but really solid

Coded Bias doc about how our inherent biases find their way into our artificial intelligence techs.

What is Surveillance Capitalism? probably my fave

Shangri-La documentary about the place where Rick Ruben produces music...and has for decades

Wu Tang Clan: of Mics and Men

Pom Wonderful Presents: the Greatest Movie Ever Sold


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