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Metro-wide Delivery (order by 4pm for same-day Delivery) | Curbside Pickup until 10pm
Metro-wide Delivery (order by 4pm for same-day) Curbside Pickup until 10pm

Entering Products in Shopify


  1. The Title
    1. The title needs to be capitalized and spelled correctly (as the brand spells/captializes it)
      1. NEW! The title should be Brand first, then Flavor name, then size of bottle/puff count, then ejuice/nic salt/disposable. Example (Candy King Strawberry Watermelon 100mL e-Juice)
        1. This enables Google and other search engines to better find the product.
        2. This will also enable customers to easily search for their favorite brands on the site.
      2. NEW! The title for ALL other vape-related products will be similarly changed to Brand first, then Product Title, then type. Example (Vaporesso Xros Kit)
    2. The title needs to be no more than 70 characters long.
      1. This ensures most search engines will display the full title.
    3. The title is automatically set by shopify as a H1 Heading. This is important only in that there can only be one H1 Heading per page, so we won’t use this H1 Heading in the formatting of the description.
  2. The Desciption
    1. First this we will do here is put the title in again as the first line in the description. However, I’d like you to add the text “available at Quick Clouds in Aurora, CO” to this line. Example (Vaporesso Xros Kit available at High-Voltage Vapes in Aurora, CO!)
    2. This line then needs to be formatted as a H2 Heading. You can change this by first highlighting the text you’ve just added, then clicking the large “A” dropdown menu and selecting Heading 2.
      1. Like the H1 Heading in the Title, there can only be one Heading 2 in the description. So this is the only time we will use this one. 
    3. The body of the description needs to be well-written and unique to us. I don’t mind you using other sites descriptions, BUT…
      1. Make sure you don’t include hyperlinks to other sites when copying and pasting.
      2. Rewrite any parts not written by the manufacturer.
  • Make it unique to Aurora, the Denver Metro, Colorado and Quick Clouds.
  1. See example of Vaporesso Xros Kit.
  1. You can use Heading 3 to make Bold headings in the description.
    1. You should do this when you want Google to pick that up as a heading for what’s below.
  2. Pictures in the description, I will add.
    1. BUT, if there is already a picture in the description, edit the alt text to include the first line of your description (title plus available at High-Voltage Vapes in Aurora, CO).
  3. First four words of Title should appear in the description (not in header form, but in paragraph form) at least three times. These should appear naturally in the text of the sentence.
    1. This is important to Google to show that the product and description are really related.
  4. In the last paragraphs of the description, please add the following text: Thanks for supporting our small business! High-Voltage Vapes in Aurora, CO has the best selection and the friendliest service in the Denver metro. 
  1. SKU: those first four words again…this time with dashes replacing spaces (there can’t be spaces in a sku) Example: vaporesso-xros-kit
  2. Cost/Price/Compare:
    1. Cost: Enter from the order/distributor’s site
      1. Remember with any ejuice there is a nicotine tax that is NOT listed on most sites/invoices with the product.
      2. If you don’t know the cost, ask Jordan or myself. We can also go back in and update costs.


  1. Price: Unless otherwise instructed, please make sure the profit margin is at least 60%.
  2. Compare: please remove any compare at prices at this time.
  1. Variants:
    1. Variants should only be used on vape products when there are possible options that are made by the manufacturer of the item. Example: There is only one possible selection for Samsung 30Q batteries.  So there is no need for any variant at all in this case.
    2. However, even if we only carry one option of a product with multiple variants, we should enter the one we do carry as its own variant. Example: We only carry some juices in one nicotine option. So even though we don’t carry every option we will enter the ones we do have as its own variant. Example: Apple Crack by Diamond Vapors
    3. And, of course, we will enter EVERY variant we carry.
    4. Each variant MUST have a picture attached to it individually. You can select the product photo when you click on the pic icon of the variant.
  2. Search Engine Listing: This is very important as this is exactly how this page will show to people who are NOT YET on the site. We want to be clear in our edits and entice the searcher to click on our listing! To edit this, simply click the link that says, “edit website seo”.  When you change things in the fields that appear after clicking, it will display a preview above the entry. 
    1. Page Title- This is shopify’s way of saying meta title and it automatically fills from the title. We will only add “available at Quick Clouds in Aurora”.
      1. If the title exceeds 63 characters, don’t include part of that above added text.
      2. The title should be the EXACT SAME FIRST FOUR WORDS as the Product Title
    2. Description- This pulls from the product’s description automatically, but needs to be revised to be compelling.
      1. The description should begin with the EXACT SAME FIRST FOUR WORDS as the product title and page title.
      2. The description should NOT REPEAT those four words after using them to open the description.
  • Include the product type (i.e. Mod) is the description
  1. Include Quick Clouds, Aurora, CO Denver metro in the description.
  2. Keep the description to around 150 to 165 characters.
  1. URL and handle- even our website’s URL is configurable. Make this the FIRST FOUR WORDS separated by dashes, instead of spaces, as web addresses cannot have spaces.
    1. Even this can help with SEO
  2. Product Type-Be sure not to forget this or it will incorrectly categorize the product, making it difficult for customers to see that we have it~
  3. Vendor- We use this for the name of the Brand of product.
  4. Tags- There are a lot of important tags for each product. Most have been updated, so this is primarily for new products, but still, check to see if I’ve missed something!
  5. Don’t forget to save often! Refresh after the save has said that it is complete.  If it warns you that your changes won’t be saved, don’t continue until you see the changes have been completed…there should be a pop up at the bottom of the screen when completed.