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Metro-wide Delivery (order by 4pm for same-day) Curbside Pickup until 10pm



A Bit 'Bout Me:

I've always had an extreme love for learning, as much as I can, about anything I can. Understanding how things work and how they can work together has been the passion behind me since I can remember! This has led me to a lot of really cool hobbies and truly amazing friends (like my family of friends here at Quick Clouds). I first started at Quick Clouds out of necessity when the COVID pandemic hit, I had been let go from my previous job as they couldn't stay open during everything and I couldn't get the unemployment approved no matter how many times I applied.
Then I saw a call for new hires at High-Voltage Vapes, a place I knew to be amazing already, without hesitation I applied! Not only did I start there very in need from the lack of work or assistant, but also in need of being surrounded by good people. Instantly Patrick and Alisha filled both needs without the blink of an eye. Right then I knew I found where I needed to be a part of! The one thing most important to me as a human quality is kindness, and there's never a shortage here!
Interest, Hobbies, Faves:
I have too many of these to list them all for people, but the things I love most are model kits (just about any type but gundam is the best), reading, drawing, and building. Any project I get in front of me I love to start building and figuring out! I'm definitely a tinkering sorta dude! 
As far as my favorites go, everyone has theirs and that's the best thing about favorites! My favorite movie is Dune, the 1984 version. It's truly a sci-fi adventure of another caliber in concept and visualization for its time! 
My favorite TV show is Star Trek the Next Generation, Patrick Stewart is unparalleled as a Star Fleet captain, and I connect heavily with Commander Data and his endless thirst for learning while struggling with social cues. We can learn a ton of candid and genuine lessons from this television gem!
Music is tough one, but definitely Led Zeppelin has to take the cake for me! Every song is a story and told so well! Whether it's an epic adventure, or someone down in the dumps, they paint the image clear as day and with some killer instrumental talent! I also am HEAVILY in EDM and the culture it nurtures called P.L.U.R. which stands for peace, love, unity, and respect 🙏 which I think are all the best qualities people can have anyway!
The only true evil in this world is intentional unkindness -Greg Meyer