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Metro-wide Delivery (order by 4pm for same-day Delivery) | Curbside Pickup until 10pm
Metro-wide Delivery (order by 4pm for same-day) Curbside Pickup until 10pm


“I believe in authenticity and I’m willing to deal with the consequences of being myself”

What’s up, my name is Kai. Pronouns They/Them

Been working at the shop since end of November 2022 and have enjoyed every minute of it! I’ve worked many jobs, but this is the first one to give me the freedom to express myself and let my creativity flow~

I never really know what to say, when I’m talking about myself, so I guess we will just dive in.


You like animals?

Good, cause I have 4 

Katia( aka Mamas)- My child of darkness

its like where’s Waldo, but with my cat ⬇️

Taz (Aka Tubs Mgillicuddy) - My sweet, but grumpy old man

Artemis (aka Artie, Artichoke, Artboi, Goob) - If you come in a lot, you’ve probably seen this big old goofball. If you see him in the shop, please feel free to come say hi! He loves the attention.

And last but, definitely not least

Toast! (He doesn’t have a nickname)- my first reptile! I’ve wanted a beardie since I was a kid, so getting to raise this sweet boi has been a dream come true! Will black beard and stomp around, if not given enough buggies


Like most people with adhd I have a LOT.

my favorite of all of them would be art, tho I’ve been struggling to get back into my art flow, it’s still a huge passion of mine! I also enjoy digital art, crocheting, knitting, pottery, photography, video games, taking Artemis on hikes, long-boarding, taking care of my many many plants, paddle boarding,thrift shopping, sewing (best part of thrift shopping is finding clothes to make my own) and honestly, just anything I can learn how to do, I’ll make it a hobby of mine.


Unlike a lot of people at the shop, I’m not a fan of EDM

I’m a huge metal fan tho! And what I like to call ~ vibin music~ 

My favorite artists - Bad Omens (all time fave, incredible live!!)  in this moment, secret band, of mice &men , BMTH, Omar Apollo, sleep token, nothing nowhere, the home team, origami button, dance Gavin dance (pre-tillian weirdness from the last 6 month) twenty one pilots, the xx, tash sultana, the neighborhood, D.R.U.G.S, Halsey, abhi the nomad, Tory lanez, of mice and men, Steve lacy, Weston estate and many many more

Fun Facts About Me

I’m a huge Studio Ghibli nerd, I could literally talk for hours about Hiyao Miyazaki’s work

I used to work in tech support at Nintendo! Actually a fun job for the most part, I love Nintendo and working with technology, but getting screamed at on the regular basis by parents who had no idea how to use “the Nintendo” was exhausting. sometimes it would turn out to not be a Nintendo system and they would get even more upset because “I thought Nintendo made everything” haha definitely laughed about those later.

I was homeschooled, and before you say “oh I bet that was dope!” It wasn’t, I’m not gonna go into details about it , but I will say , unless you are willing to make the extra effort to teach your kid, literally everything, don’t homeschool your kids. save them the confusion, isolation, extra therapy sessions and just don’t do it.

I am part of and a huge advocate for the LGBTQA+ community. 🏳️‍🌈

I’ve had “weird” colored hair since I was about 13 and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I dye and cut my own hair, I’ve spent years teaching myself how to do it, as I don’t like other people touching my hair ( too many bad hair cuts) 

Ive designed a lot of my tattoos, I love having my own art on myself and feel very proud to get to watch my art progression over the years! 

I want to be a tattoo artist, I’ve been going to the same tattoo artist for about 7 years (I’ll add his information at the end) and I’ve been asking him ever since when he wants or is willing to get an apprentice. Well recently he opened his own shop and told me once he’s all settled he might take one on, his daughter has first dibs , but if she doesn’t want to then he’d love for me to be his first apprentice, so wish me luck guys! 🤞

My Art

I have this tattooed on my neck!

i think I’ll stop this here for now, cause I don’t really know what else to say 🙂


 Insta- @MyNeighborKaisArt

My Tattoo artist Ian - @SingularityTattoo38