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Metro-wide Delivery (order by 4pm for same-day Delivery) | Curbside Pickup until 10pm
Metro-wide Delivery (order by 4pm for same-day) Curbside Pickup until 10pm

Our Responsibility as a Vape Shop

We are a vape shop.

This is all we are.

But in that we recognize the environment we have unintentionally and intentionally created as a team in this moment.

We recognize you have found us as a customer on a timeline.

We have always been being a vape shop.

But we have a new understanding more formed understanding of the moments we have enjoyed as a vape shop.

The way to ethically move forward with this moment as a team.

We only dabble in vapes.

We peddle them.

In ways which seem honorable to us.

This has allowed for the confidence and determinism I have felt in moments, but possibly did not express responsibly.

I have been offering addictive substances to the masses without expressing my actual beliefs publicly about the product I dabble in so that in this legal moment of safe exploration, you may correctly see me by what I believe my intentions have always been. 

We have as a team understood our goal in attaching ourselves to these imperfect products of addiction subconsciously.

This is a moment which I now express subconsciously I have allowed whoever sees me to understand me as bad.

I went forth with confidence believing I was right scientifically, morally and legally in the moment to a degree that ended in my destination at that previous moment in life as the starter of a vape shop owner.

In ways which may seem dishonorable to many.

Which I know I have been right enough to this point to currently attach ourselves to this product.