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Open daily 10a - midnight | Delivery 11a - 11p


Here's my page, world!

 (feels like a mySpace page, no?)


if i only share one thing with you it would just be this song, not by me...but by Griz (a musician i have no affiliation with): It Gets Better  I have kind of made that the song for the shop.

If you've been coming to the shop for a while you have watched as we have absolutely come to life over the last ten years.

We've grown through 10 years, 8 break-ins, always with the help of others...and always looking to make tomorrow a little better for ourselves, our team, the customers we serve and the community in which we serve them.

pressure makes diamonds 

Thank you. Thank you for your patience and contributions.  Thank you for sticking with us through the toughest of times when we had very little of what you wanted.  Thank you for helping us become.

 this has been done with kindness and consideration...we have yet to receive $1 from insurance for our business in the decade we've been open.

I'm Patrick Edwin Vandiver and this shop has been my dream come to life.

A decade ago after a tornado had violently ripped through our hometown of Moore, Oklahoma and damaged our home just enough to get us into isolation I had a vision of myself as a success in a shop of my own. After almost devestation i was allowed isolation.  Beautifully removed from our home, we only knew we were okay but we might not have been.

It was in that time period my dream of becoming a shop owner truly took shape.

At the time, I was following the dream of my old boss.  So I was dealing with not knowing what product I really wanted to attach myself to...and then my old boss found a good one...vapes.

I was a smoker and he just wanted his car lot general manager to not be a smoker.  So he, in his kindness, bought me my first set up.  He saw the product as so good that he immediately began opening vape shops back in Oklahoma City, abandoning and soon selling the car lot we both had worked to create.  That we were both leaving.

And I knew somehow this would be my future, too...seperately.

At the time I considered opening from my home while concurrently working for that old boss.  But after just a weekend my wife's parents told us they wanted to support us and they and her uncle and us all bought in for 16k each.  

I would only be in Oklahoma for another six months of my life from that day.


We've all experienced a life different because of that dream.  I believe ALL our lives are better.  But, I no longer have partners of family.  They have gone in different directions completely and successfully each.  

After around 3 years of partnerning with family, I ventured out, hoping to see if I could match the success they had help me achieve.

We did well and we failed often.  You!  It has been the best journey of happiness and hope. 

Hope has always been my destination. 

Literally, figuratively, metafuckin'phorically...HOPE

I believe in hoping for others as they allow me to have HOPE.

Coincidentally, my wife's name is Alisha HOPE Vandiver.

I feel like my position in this shop and in life and in the universe is to experience Hope and show others it is okay to Hope however they need to.  But they should HOPE for themselves a beautiful tomorrow...after taking just a moment to consider their own insignificance and how they may have withheld HOPE from others.

Well over the years I have created this space with the help and support of all the wife is the most influencial and has been.

But the rest of the members on the team page...and our customers...and the world have shaped me to be who I am.  Thanks for caring enough to read if ya did!

Art by Patrick






i do not own this brand

What makes me tick?

I am a philosopher who grew up Southern Baptist.  These days I'd consider myself a Taoist weirdo (still with an appreciation for many lessons learned in those days, but with a much more curious and celebratory zeal for that which I do not yet understand . I like my views on life, love, religion, politics, spirituality, marriage, sexuality, etc.  You probably like yours, as well.  I believe I have no right to influence others' opinions unless they are hoping to see things as I do.

I often find it very important to get in front of people and tell them how much their interactions with me mean in a moment.

I believe in kindness for all, any, others and me.


  • April 1st 2023 I hope to vend out of our first "VAPE VAN" in and around Denver events big and small
  • Summer 2023 I hope to vend out of our first "Vape RV" in festivals around the country as we expand our dream
  • "vandiverse" and idea, not necessarily the name for a venue I hope to own someday down the line that we convert failed malls into mini festivals that permanently exist...that we own and create.