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quick clouds employee handbook

rules for continued employment at this shop

First, there must be one leader or boss.  That IS Patrick Edwin Vandiver.

Second, there must be a ladder of leadership.

If Patrick is the boss, and you are on the ladder...YOU are expected to act like a leader, or understand it is my right and responsibility to understand you are not are LEANING on a ladder of success that has others standing on it.


And if you lean on a ladder, metaphorically it falls, especially if several people are all at the top.


It tends to sweep the ladder under all our feet.

That ladder must have a committee of owners.

So far...Patrick Edwin Vandiver has done most of the work for 10 years here in this building.

Third rule of continued employment at this shop is you must find a spot on the leadership ladder or be seen as not a team member, but an employee of support, to hold all us shaky leaders on a two footed ladder is dangerous, metaphorically.


Therefore if new people come into our shop; or if some rejoin, they are not on the ladder, but therefore employees.  Not yet worthy work-wise to have a salary.

These employees will now make state minimum for a full-time employee in the highest paying area of Colorado that Quick Clouds delivers.


These employees will only be considered drivers and will not have a role in the shop, except to attract new customers while accepting our wages.


If any employee's actions create a harm to the shop's finances, or by harming others, creates tension for some in the shop, that employee will be spoken to in the arena they have created the harm, to minimize the duration the damage might last.

This is our understanding of what it means to be good and kind business owners.

If an owner fails, employees may address the owner.  If the employee addressing the owner continues to question, owners will allow it.  Yet from here on out you will understand that it is our legal right as good business owners to fail.  As long as we understand ourselves sound and make decisions that hold up as sober, we are legally allowed to legally fail.

Next rule:  Owners will fail.

If a failure of legal consequence happens, all employees should testify for/against the owner in court.

If any owner is in the midst of any legal battle, the employees of the shop may not enter into verbal judgement of the owner, or they should be reprimanded.  If that employee continues in verbal judgement in an arena of the shop to the extent it has others also doing this, that employee will be asked to leave the premises.   That employee will not be allowed back into the shop legally.  Not as a customer, not as an employee.  


Good Business owners are trustworthy and will attempt to be good business role modes.  Good Business owners will grow all employees when they can, for their purpose, which legally in business can only be determined by our position financially as a business.

Next rule:

If a team member, in their employment does this from this day (March 25, 2023), whatever the ownership group is WILL receive the following actions:

1-Real time Warning if possible where the owner will try to minimize financial loss to the shop.

2- Private conversation (Verbal warning)-that conversation will likely happen in writing on LINE, which is the APP you all must check daily if you hold a position in the shop during the time you are serving in that position (collecting money/incentives for said position).

3. That person will receive another chance to get it right.

4. If that person continues such an action they will be written up. (if that action occurs real time and the employee becomes harrassing A GOOD Owner will remove them as a threat to the business as long as is necessary to calm the situation to again get the team to work.)

5.  If that person is removed, they are no longer part of our team and therefore will have lost their opportunity as a future team member unless the ownership group at the time elects otherwise on a future date (which will be considered).

6.  If that former team member does come back as an employee, they legally will not be considered salary.  The team will consider them useful, but less important in their role.




First consider the ladder.

Then Consider who is at the top (Patrick Edwin Vandiver)

Then consider your role to move the owner higher on the ladder and how you, in whatever position you hold today, have a legal responsibility of employment to make us more money.

Then consider our customer and how they have no role of holding up the ladder, but how the ownership group uses their money as an investment for our future.


Currently that true legal group is Alisha and Patrick Edwin Vandiver.  The boss already enumerated is Patrick Edwin Vandiver.

And that Boss/Owner has expressed hope in giving Jordan Baldwin future ownership IF he is still in our employment in May 2023.

We still hold that same understanding.

And so far, while we still hold that hope, we understand he is failing us at what we are asking.  So legally we still possess the right to fire him.  

We do not wish to.

We do not wish to call his leadership into question, except if we must.

We have done this with him privately now.

He has been moved to tears in understanding that he failed us and a confusion about how.


He is still here.

I am still here (Patrick Edwin Vandiver)

I still own my shop.

I still hope he will lead.

I keep showing him where he fails as a future owner, not as the salaried leader of this shop...not as a team leader.  HE HAS NOT FAILED OUR TEAM KNOWINGLY EVER.  

He is still very much in control of the team.

This presents a minor problem for us that must be dealt with. 

If he is still accepting reprimanding real-time yet feels unsafe in his position.  This is seen as unfair.

It is not.

He is safe now as all of you are as team members.  He has his salary.  Yet he still has the opportunity to do more as potential future owner.

As a future owner, he must provide legally a pay IN.  And once received, that payment legally can be matched or invested in by the ownership group to buy him out/down/up...depending on his matched efforts/investments.  This is only a legal statement for any future owner of Quick Clouds.

But real time today that is who we see Jordan as...a future owner who is not yet one.

This position is confusing, because it is quantum.  

What you should understand so far is that his/anyone with such a verbalized promise of ownership without legal certainty should be doing more if told they are not doing enough.  That time is measured differently that only a team members.

Quick Clouds and its ownership group has always in the past been more than obliging when considering schedules and even their changes.  Still, we are setting today the standard by which all of the team are measured.  This is something that must be done responsibly, as many of the team right now are in uncertainty and considering its owner unwell/unkind.

Because this is a legal relationship, it is handled now legally.

Because the ownership group includes one Boss (Patrick Edwin Vandiver), even that Boss could potentially be fired if the ownership group preferred it.

As a majority shareholder in my future I am writing to tell you all that you have questioned my leadership and sobriety unwisely.  unfairly.  you all get high at work and accuse me of not being able to do so medically.  

Legally, as far as I understand that means only this:

No employee or team member may operate vehicles/be at work in inebriation.

Owners may legally be in their establishment medically sober.

In Colorado so far that means this to this ownership group today-and this rule may change in the future-

If you question the ownership group's leadership or sobriety at work, you must measure yourself legally against the ownership group in our legal sobriety and ability to work safely.

By this measurement you are now all being held.

First you are employees.

We will have a new drug policy at work.

This is wise.

We operate vehicles as part of our job.

NO person may do work while not medically sober. (for weed that means you must have a medical card from here on out to use at work).

This is wise as I've been accused of the opposite by so many employees while remaining their equal in sobriety and then not understood or measured by doctor's versions of sobriety of me.  And if this is done, we have evidence that there will be legal ramifications for this owner and for this shop, and therefore for its team.

At any point in the future I reserve the right to drug test any of you before allowing you to work alongside me.

And if I can still prove to you that i own the shop on that day and you question my sobriety over yours, I will use that test to legally fire you on the spot.

I would advise any employee, team member or even owner to remain sober enough to remember my 10 years of leadership that made this place without any of you.  If not you will be reprimanded and there will be disciplinary actions that may follow.

I just put that in writing everywhere.


I am sober and well and still own this business.

You are no longer being friendly and I will not consider you as friends.

That is not on me.

That is no longer on any of you.

That is my choice, based on your efforts, combined with your conversations and then measured by your confidence in me, real time to lead our shop.

So please do not include me in your conversations again about your personal lives.

I do not care to know any longer.

I know my life and I know I am well.

I have myself.

If my wife chooses, which so far she does, I have her and me...then good.

If not, good, I still have me and she still has herself and I know I'll always respect her and treat her kindly.

And I still currently have all of you as team members.


And we still have potential in this shop.

That is the best thing for me and my sobriety and financial wellness.

I have yet to see how mixing our friendship any longer does anything other than harm for me and my business and then my wife.

So understand I still hold out the exact same hope for you all today as I did yesterday...But yesterday is gone and today is here.

I hope tomorrow we will be friends.

Today I will accept only friendly.

And I will continue to act inside and outside work this way only.

We are not friends yet.  But it could have been yesterday.  But you all made me mad by questioning my sobriety.  All of you. Everyone but me.

Today I hold out hope that you all will get to tomorrow as my friends...but I hold a lot of certainty in that today you are first my employees, then team.  And truly, that is all I hope for today (march 25).

I do also hope tomorrow happens differently than yesterday did.

While this might be seen as all need better leadership than just Jordan.  I believe he could be better than me.  But he is not yet.

I am.

He likely won't ever have enough days in this shop to out lead me.  But I do hope he does and am giving him the opportunity to win a game of money and position.  But the only game I am playing is with my life.  And so are you with all of yours.

I'm tired of being accused of something else when i know it's not true.

Legally, ethically and every way else I know I'm just being me.

If that bothers you again, please approach me about separating from our shop in kindness.

If it happens kindly, you may be accepted as a future employee with hopes of becoming again a team member or more.  But today this is your only opportunity.