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Metro-wide Delivery (order by 4pm for same-day) Curbside Pickup until 10pm

Should I Vape?

Hello...I'm Patrick (owner)

I love giving advice.  And I know I have NO right to do it.  So just see me as the 46 year old vape shop owner I am.  Not perfect.  But tryin'

Right now I'm listening to Stop Trippin; by Griz and iDA Hawk (never met either of them)...but I like this song for this moment.

The people selling you vapes are NOT the best people to ask you to influence your opinion on vaping.


This page is a way for us to responsibly express ourselves and the offering of the products we have made available.

YOU ask yourself:

Should I vape?

Am I 21? 


We don't want or need minors in our shop or business.  These are adult products and we make no apologies for being adults.  See you kids in a few years.



keep reading and as you do, determine what you feel is best for your physical health and mental health and current environment.  

Move to consider you own legal opinion, but only as outlined with correct facts about vaping, which at any one time may be improperly expressed truths.

They can be expensive and they are addictive.  We like both of those facts about our products. But we try to be responsible admitting that.

Related: Don't Vape Colorado - we see the good in this advice.  we see this advice as awesome for this moment in time for many Coloradoans (perhaps you).

5 Vaping Facts You Need to Know

The Real Cost (Campaign)

 The bottom line here is responsible choice for us.  We are adults who have started a business centered in large part around a product we think...but cannot legally represent, is a stepping down mechanism for stopping cigarettes. That's just WHY we opened the shop.  It does not guarantee the products do such a thing.

Having said that...I'm 10 years in.  Happily in.  But still vaping.  You should consider this, as well.

My wife usually vapes a 0mg or lower nic device.  We are both different.  Likely you are somewhere in between us...Perhaps your experience will be unique.  


What we hope is that you will consider the risk and the possibility and make your own mind based on the regulations you find yourself in...


and with allllll of that...

what else is there to say but welcome!

not my art...but i like it