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Open daily 10a - midnight | Delivery 11a - 11p

Service Discount

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Trying to add a discount because you serve?  We love that for you!

Please understand this is an honor system by which you are discounting your future totals because we both feel you deserve it.  This is only a way that we are able to qualify people to use the following code:

Your code to enter for future orders is wuwei

Our team usually are prompted to offer your service discount at checkout during in-store purchases.


QUALIFYING for Service Discount:

  • Military (active duty or retired & their spouses/partners)
  • Industry Servers
  • Nurses
  • Waiters
  • Other Vape Shop workers
  • Other head shop workers
  • Dispensary workers (any level)
  • Clergy
  • Artist
  • Friends of us or our team



Delivery available

Same Day Delivery 11a-11p

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