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Skwezed Ice 100mL

by Skwezed
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Skwezed Ice 100mL

Product Type:

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Skwezed e-Juices and nic salts


Available Flavors:

Green Apple ICE, Strawberry ICE, Watermelon ICE, Peach ICE, Mango ICE, Lychee ICE, Grapefruit ICE, Banana ICE


Available Nicotine:

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Flavor Descriptions:

Green Apple ICE- Green Apple, Koolada

Strawberry ICE- Strawberry, Koolada

Watermelon ICE- Watermelon, Koolada

Peach ICE- Peach, Koolada

Mango ICE- Mango, Koolada

Lychee ICE- Lychee, Koolada

Grapefruit ICE- Grapefruit, Koolada

Banana ICE- Banana, Koolada

e-Juice Bulk Deals:

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Skwezed Ice 100mL


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