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Metro-wide Delivery (order by 8pm for same-day) Curbside Pickup until 10pm
Hiya QC world

Hiya QC world

Patrick here...maybe you know me...maybe you don't.  


Thought I'd tell you a bit about what is to come if my dreams are to be a reality.

But first...THANK YOU.  Thank you for helping me dream and making these dreams plausible.  Thank you if you are reading this.  Thank you for all of you who never will.

We will soon be offering Denver-wide Vape Vans with disposables and wraps/cones/etc. that we will be able to pull up to the right venue big or small and exist for how ever many moments we are allowed.

*if you've seen our shop...i'm hoping to team up with the same get ready to see them!

This summer I believe our team will be vending our first festivals as we expand into our favorite spaces. Same type ish...but at Festivals.

*if you've seen our shop...i'm hoping to team up with the same get ready to see pics of them!

You have made it possible.

Our team has made it likely.

We have big dreams thanks to all of you.  I hope we are able to offer little festival days in Aurora more and more often every year!

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