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Metro-wide Delivery (order by 8pm for same-day Delivery) | Curbside Pickup until 10pm
Metro-wide Delivery (order by 8pm for same-day) Curbside Pickup until 10pm
Thanks for Being Our Customer!

Thanks for Being Our Customer!

Hi there and Welcome!

My name is Patrick and I am one of the owners of this cool site and shop!  I am so excited that you have found us!

I live a wonderful life, in part, because of people like yourself reading this.  Thank you for helping me realize some of my most outlandish dreams so far.  Thank you for allowing me to see myself.

I love our shop.  It has literally been my passion project in life.   So as you see me less in there, know how grateful I still am.  My best days are going in and just saying, "thank you" to all of you and lifting you up as you have lifted me up over the last decade.

Know that the team there is THE TEAM.  I'm talking the most beautiful blend of talent, passion, consideration, empathy and power.  These are literally some of my best friends on the planet.  

This here is just a vape shop today.  But I'm telling you that the team we've assembled and the way we play at work is special.  You likely already have experienced this.  If not I hope you get to.  Not so I have your money...for which I am still grateful; but so you could become part of this magical story.


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