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How airflow effects your vaping!

How Airflow effects your vaping!

How Does Airflow Effects your vaping?

The great thing about vaping is that it’s a completely customizable experience. From flavor, to nicotine level, and airflow. 

What is airflow?

Airflow is the amount of air that can pass through your coil or atomizer when you are hitting your vape device. Having adjustable airflow allows air to freely flow through your coils to your mouth!

How does it work?

Airflow diagram

 Air is drawn through the Airflow intake slots. It gets pulled inside the glass. and out the chimney when you inhale through your device. Another name for this part of the tank is called the control ring. The control ring is adjustable by twisting (on most tank devices), on pod devices it is usually a slider.  Depending on what type of tank,  pod, rda/rta the airflow can be located on different places.  

Airflow Effects coil cooling, which also affects flavor!

Open Vs Closed Airflow

With an increased airflow, you will experience less flavor, less of a harsh throat hit (due to cooler vapor) and more vapor, (with a loose draw). An Increased airflow can decrease the amount of liquid needed, because it remains better on the coils. This can also be referred to as Direct to Lung style of vaping (DTL). This style requires more airflow. Sub-ohm tanks are far more adjustable with the airflow.

 With a decreased airflow, you will experience more flavor, more of a harsh throat hit, and less vapor (with a hotter and more restricted draw). This style of vaping is called Mouth to Lung (MTL). All salt nicotine type vapes use this style.Tighter Air flow is ideal for (MTL). This is closer to traditional e-cigarettes.

  A closed airflow will prevent any air from reaching the inside of your coil. Basically making it really difficult or impossible to get a good hit off your device. This can also cause burning so with any device with adjustable airflow, we recommend leaving it partially open.

Science behind the vapor!

When using a more narrow airflow, you’ll gain more flavor from your vape. When less air encounters the coils, it forces the vapor out of you coil faster as well as making it warmer. The flavor comes out fuller and thicker than when using a wide open airflow. This is due to the Joule-Thomson effect. The Joule-Thomson effect is when air passes through a reduced orifice size, it causes a drop in temperature. 

The Joule-Thomson effect is the change in temperature that accompanies expansion of a gas without production of work or transfer of heat. At regular temperature and pressure, all real gases except hydrogen and helium cool upon such expansion.

Here are some examples of adjustable Airflow we carry!

Disposables with adjustable airflow:

Mods & Kits with adjustable airflow:

Tanks & RDAs with adjustable airflow:


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