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Battery information

Battery information

Battery information

Whether you are a new vaper or an old vet at this, you may still have some unanswered questions about the batteries used in vape products.

That's where we come in!  Quick Clouds Vape Shop has been around for almost a decade and we've heard most questions about vape batteries.

This blog post is going to cover a few answers to some of the more common questions about vape batteries!

What are batteries made of? 

The two most common types of battery used in vaping are lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries and IMR batteries. LiPo batteries are sealed into the device and cannot be removed (internal batteries). IMR batteries can be removed and replaced (External batteries).

battery map
Most external vape batteries are Lithium Ion (li-ion) with three parts: the cathode (+), the anode (-), and the electrolyte (bit in the middle). The anode of all 18650 li-ion batteries is; carbon/silicon and graphite.
FUN FACT: Tesla uses Lithium ion batteries in there cars! They found they were extremely light weight and could hold a super long charge. Number of 18650 batteries used: 7,104 

What is mAh?

mAh stand for Milliampere-hours. This lets you know the amount of charge and how long you have before you need to recharge them again. More mAh means more power essentially and longer vape time.

Types of batteries:

where can i find batteries near me?


When most people talk about vape batteries, this is what they are referring to.  The 18650 battery was first used in vapes early on.  Back then, most vapers who used one of these batteries also built their own coils and used a mechanical mod.Equipped with a continuous discharge current of 20A and able to accept resistances down to 0.1Ω. This battery last about 300 to 500 charges before needing to be replaced. During a full charge session the batteries should last about 6-8 hours of vape usage.

Nowadays, these batteries are used in almost all brands of variable wattage devices.

Brands of 18650 batteries carried at Quick Clouds include Snow CloudzSamsung. 18650 are 18mm in diameter and 65mm in length. The maximm capacity is 3600 mAh

These batteries are recharged using a compatible charger.  It is important that the charger used has protective features, as well (we will go into details of chargers in a separate post).


21700 - are the newest battery and is considered a bit better of a battery. They come with a larger capacity maxing out at about 5000 mAh and can generally be operated at higher wattages. 21mm in diameter and 70 in length.

These batteries are often used in hig h-powered flashlights as well!


20700 - this vape battery started appearing around mid-2017. 20mm in diameter and 70mm in length. Larger capacity than and 18650 and can operate higher wattages. Maximum Wattage 100w

Besides use in vape devices (mods), 20700 batteries are also being utilized for cordless power tools, flashlights, & electric vehicles! 

510 batteries 

Where can i find 510 batteries near me?

The types of 510 batteries we carry are the Cookies 510 900 MAH battery and the Yocan Kodo 510 battery.

510-threaded battery is the main body of a vape pen that comes with a standardized style of screw-on connection that is compatible with the widest range of oil cartridges, wax atomizers, dab tips and accessories.The 510 thread battery has temperature control and gold plated 510 connectors, a 1400 mAh VW /TC mod, 1 USB Cable and a factory warranty. Pushing out a maximum of 40 watts, the threaded 510 battery is compatible with multi-use atomizers.

“510” refers to the design of the female screw threads built into one end of the battery – 10 x 5mm threads – which is the most compatible type of connection for vape pens around the world. 

How to promote longevity to your battery:

Batteries should be keep at a reasonable temperature and in a dry area. Batteries kept in a too low of a temperature outside your mod/device could also lower your charge capacity.Keep batteries out of direct sunlight. We suggest only charging batteries on an external charger, and don't leave them unattended for long periods of time especially over night.This will decreased the charge capacity. Charge batteries when they are near empty.

Married batteries:

Married batteries are a term referring to a mod with 2 batteries and they are synced up. Having married batteries is really important. They have to be the same make and model and purchased at the same time. A newer battery matched up with an older one will cause the newer battery to worker harder thus causing it to die faster and drain faster. Synced up batteries in general will keep your mod working like it's supposed too.

When to replace batteries:

When using batteries knowing when to get rid of a batteries is important for your safety. Here are some warning signs that will give you a clue as to when to replace batteries.

-Cracking or deformation of the battery, 

-Batteries get abnormally hot when you use them,

-Having them for over 1 to 2 years

-the recharge is holding less than 80% of it charge.

-When the batteries are on the charger more often than in your vape.

Avoiding these type of warning signs will make it safer for you and the people around you. 

damage battery

!!IMPORTANT!!  Battery Safety is a Must! !!Disclaimer!!

Because of the volatile nature of lithium-ion batteries, we ask that all our customers educate themselves about the dangers and safe-handling practices when it comes to batteries!

Why are batteries potentially dangerous?

While lithium-ion batteries are used in most products, they almost always are protected with coatings, and the actual structure of the device.These protective coatings and structures (such as the frame of your phone) keeps the battery from coming into contact with a variety of items that could result in a very literal and dangerous explosion. When these batteries are inside their devices and coated with all the protective coatings (like the wrapper), they too are much safer. The battery wrapper helps with preventing power leakage and also prevents a short circuit. Any damage or breakage of the plastic wrapping should either be wrapped again or disposed of.The insulator on the ends of the battery helps keep the temperature regulated preventing it from extreme cold and hot. Remember to never to leave your batteries in your car. The extreme temperatures inside the car could cause an explosion as well. Never leave your batteries where it can touch loose change or your keys. If the battery ever leaves the device, it should be stored and carried in a plastic case.

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