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What is Salt Nicotine? Small Clouds and High Nicotine | Quick Clouds Vape Shop and Delivery

What is Salt Nicotine? Small Clouds and High Nicotine

What is Salt Nicotine? Small Clouds and High Nicotine

What is Salt Nicotine?

What is Salt Nicotine: A Better Understanding of Salt Nicotine and its History

We are not medical professionals, nor are we doctors. 

The information provided here is in hopes of creating informed consumers, who make the best decisions for themselves.  As such, not all information or links provided here are based in the "vape" world.  We just want you to have the most comprehensive information possible on the products we offer and why you may want to use them, or NOT use them, based on complete information.


Salt Nic is the nicotine used in disposables and some e-liquids that makes puffing on much higher levels of nicotine easier for some users.  This allows users to receive higher levels of the substance without using high wattage or sub-ohm resistances with coils.  (Smaller clouds, but Higher Nic)

First, What is Salt Nicotine?

Salt Nicotine is created when adding a weak acid to the base of nicotine. 

An ACID?!?

Yes, when speaking in scientific terms, an acid is any substance that has a pH value less than 7.0 whenever it is present in a water-based solvent solution, whereas a base only needs to have a pH value of MORE than 7.0 when it is present in that same water-solvent solution. That's pretty comprehensive, but if you'd like to understand acids and bases better, we recommend this page!

The three most common types of acids used in the forming of a Nicotine Salt are lactic acid, benzoic acid and levulinic acid.

In our research and in our purchasing observations Benzoic Acid seems to be the most used.

Why though?  Why did they even make Nicotine Salts?

Scientist added these acids to the base of nicotine simply so you can inhale more nicotine without coughing!

It's true.  Back when they were testing cigarette papers and what they might add to those papers to make their initial smoking experience "better", cigarette companies first tested the use of adding these acids to cigarette papers to make it where higher levels of nicotine were palaple to the user.

Fast forward to e-cigarettes.  Companies like Juul used acids to create an experience where users inhaled higher levels of nicotine at still much lower wattages, thus creating the first really hard hitting salt nic devices!

With the legislation changes, Juul has been much less popular and disposable vapes and pod devices that use nicotine salts have replaced the once-popular Juul.

Our Take:

Nicotine Salts may be a good tool for some users.  We always try to recommend customers steer clear of Nicotine Salts if they have already stopped using other forms of nicotine.  While we are NOT medical experts or doctors, it is our opinion that nicotine salts likely pose a higher risk than do tradition non-salt nicotine products.  We hold this opinion mostly after seeing the number of high nicotine products on the market and the move of the market to higher nicotine solutions.

While we hope that Nicotine Salts and their existence helps users make the transition from combustible cigarettes to an eventually nicotine-free lifestyle, we just don't know what the long-term risk might be.

Still, we always temper that with the fact that we aren't medical professionals of any kind.





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